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Jossey-Bass, April 12, From Outrageous to Inspired shows how all the people associated with any school—teachers, principal, parents, children, neighbors, and other community members—can take up leadership together to create a vibrant learning community. David Hagstrom promotes new ways of thinking about parental participation, neighborhood involvement, and teacher leadership in schools. In From Outrageous to Inspired he offers a guidebook for school leaders who are engaged in a journey of school improvement and community building.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet Valerie Brown guides readers toward renewal of mind, heart, and spirit by encouraging them to take time away from the busyness of their lives through retreat. Drawing on her experience as a retreatant and retreat leader, she introduces readers to opportunities for personal restoration within a variety of focused retreats. She wonders how Friends experience of expectant waiting influences the retreat process and how retreats influence expectant waiting.

What am I avoiding? What brings me most alive? IVP Books, January There was a time when being a part of a church was not a decision you made but a reality you inhabited. But today belonging to the church has become a lost art, especially for millennials whose church experience is often summed up in one word: none. Having graduated from divinity school and taken a job in spiritual formation, she appreciates the structured, shared pursuit of theological and spiritual integrity.

Having married a pastor, she sort of had church coming. With earnest persistence, Erin practiced the hard and often surprising lessons of community. Hare and Megan LeBoutillier.


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She welcomed the idea of going off the grid, unplugging her cell phone for a weekend, and planting herself in the heart of a garden sanctuary. They all wondered what might happen if they tuned into listening to their lives speak, in that in-between space of the Terra Center where deep mystery constantly whispers. QuakerBridge Media, , pages. Also available from QuakerBooks. Read this book to discover how travel can be transformational, how to be more mindful while traveling and every day, the adventures of traveling alone, the delights of encountering new people and places, ancient pilgrimage journeys and sacred travel worldwide.

This collection of poetry is a sharing of simple gifts. Almost twenty years ago, when the first of my poems popped up on a journal page—that odd shift from prose to poetry—I thought it an aberration. But in the years since, poems jotted on journal pages, grocery slips, post-its, and Amtrak napkins, have come to serve as a presence, a guide, a way for me to pay attention to life.

And the poems have become increasingly a part of my work in the world. So I share these personal poems, these reflections, with you in hopes that you might find support, comfort, insight and connection in their words, recognizing the way our human joys and struggles link us across time and distance.

Joseph Brackett's "Simple Gifts" - Shaker simplicity in song

And you may see a familiar poem from an anthology or an earlier books of mine. It is also a testimony to the dedicated efforts of my husband David, without whose appreciation, stewardship, project management and determination, this collection would have remained simply a pile of loose poems on the office shelf. Judy Brown West River, Maryland Prose Press August 60 pages. This fine collection by Marcia Eames-Sheavly brings into sharp focus what it means to be a daughter to a dying mother.

This is surely a landscape of loss as Eames-Sheavly travels the back roads of Central New York to be with her mother through assisted living and then hospice care. These poems touch on how we choose to make sense of the time we have left with a loved one. Eames-Sheavly gives us stepping stones of grace on the unfamiliar path. If we do not learn to honor and strengthen the inner life of spirit, all the external changes in the world cannot save us. New laws, regulations, and technological fixes are all susceptible to human corruption and self-interest.

If we do not know ourselves as beings created to reflect the divine image, we will lose the immense opportunity for transformation God has offered us in the gift of life itself. And if the love of God embodied in Christ cannot turn us, how shall we be turned? Fairless, Foreword by David James Duncan. Hamilton Books March 28, pages.

Healing our planet is a relational and spirit-centered process, requiring humans to reclaim our appropriate place among the earth community, intrinsic to the integrity of the whole. This book invites readers to release the human-centered biblical justifications of dominion and rule for the sake of a natural web morality, insisting on the sacramental nature of all life. The process awakens our hearts to the needs of our imperiled planet and calls us to servant action from our place within the biotic community.

For more information visit restoringthewaters. Corwin, May He finds a home in an abandoned freight train outside a small town, where he falls in love with rich, restless Caitlin and befriends a fellow train resident, "Old Bill," who slowly reveals a tragic past. When Billy is given a gift that changes everything, he learns not only to how forge his own path in life, but the real meaning of family. Away from Dad and his bottle.

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Away from school, which taught him nothing. Billy Luckett hitches a ride on a freight train. He's heading for the sunset. Yes, he's homeless, but now he has a future If you have read this verse novel and would like to share your opinion of it with other readers please send your review or comments to YARR-A. The Simple Gift is an incredible book about survival, compassion, love and friendship. Being written in free verse, the book tells the story of three unique people: Billy, Old Billy and Caitlin.

Billy is a young man, abused from childhood, who has run from home, only to live in an abandoned train carriage taking the plunge into the world, all alone. Along the way, he meets up with Old Billy, a homeless old hobo not unlike himself. Old Billy is a drunk who drinks away his sorrow, torn from reality by the death of his only child Jesse, and a year later by the death of his wife.

Old Billy drinks to keep his ghosts alive, and to keep the past intact. Caitlin is the rich, spoilt girl who works ate McDonald's, despite her immense wealth, mopping floors. As she mops, she notices a young lad, about sixteen, eating the leftovers of other people's food, and wonders whether to get the manager or not. The main reason I liked this book so much was the fact that it was written in free verse.

Each little chapter, every poem, is a story in itself. Herrick notices the simplicities in life and brings them out; even simply drinking a beer can be turned into a masterpiece. The story tells the incredible tale that these three different people go through, overcoming obstacles like difficult parents, social workers, police and death. The book cannot be put down. Marguerite , Year 9, Canberr a, Australia.

This simple book is an amazing story about a year-old boy who leaves his home and says goodbye to his family aiming to look for some place better, for belonging and happiness. The way his father treated him caused this - Billy was abused and this was something he found soulless and when he felt he could not cope any more, he left.

The book describes in detail the life of Caitlin, Billy and Old Bill; three characters who are each different in a way but still similar in another. Billy finds his accommodation at an old railway station, in a carriage and meets Old Bill who is, according to Billy, the saddest man in the world. Unlike Billy she has a home to go to, loving parents, food and all she needs in life - well everything apart from something a person like Billy can offer - excitement, love, and connection. All three characters overcome things in life in a different way such as difficulties with getting along with parents, law, loneliness and other problems which life forces us to face sometimes.

I like the book heaps.

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  6. When looking for a book, I try to find one which has an excellent story, entertaining characters and a lot of meaning. But most of the time, I am unlucky. But fortunately I was lucky enough to have read, The Simple Gift. The book is about a sixteen-year old boy who one day finally gives up living with his father. So one day, he decides to run away, off to anywhere, away from his suburb and his dad. He finds himself in the town of Bendarat, where he meets new people, and faces new problems. I enjoyed every word of this book, from the beginning to the end.

    The only complaint I have about the book is the design of the front cover. With the purple writing, the black behind it and the hand with the key, it would surely seem that it was a thriller-mystery story. I think the cover should have represented calmness or stillness, like the picture of the clouds in Chapter Ten. Because of this book, Steven Herrick has become one of my favourite writers. And thanks to him, I now have a new favourite book, The Simple Gift.

    Jimmy, Year 10, Canberra, Australia. I'm not saying that I don't like having things like computers, phones and things like that, but we need to once in a while remember the simple things. The Simple Gift is a verse novel which is written by Steven Herrick. It is about a boy named Billy who runs away from home because his father has never treated him very well. The Simple Gift seems to be set in recent times.

    It is mainly set in the town of Bendarat, which is where Billy starts his new life away from his old home. I liked this book because it was different to most other books. The Simple Gift is a good book for teens to read. I would recommend this book to people who want to read a verse novel which is interesting, not too confusing and has meaning.