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Thanks pokrplr! I'll let y'all know how it goes I'm comin too Beth Me three C-D party on Sheep Island Road??

The Ghosts of Summerville Plantation by Drac Von Stoller

Originally Posted by SCBeaches. Just went to sheep island road today. So I decided to see for myself if a mysterious light would appear on Sheep Island road. I only live 2 miles away, so it was an easy find.

10 haunted places in Berkeley County

It was during the afternoon when I drove there. I definitely got a creepy feeling about being there and wouldn't dare go there at night I'm not that crazy , but I didn't see anything. I've read that if you wait long enough, like an hour, it will appear, but I didn't feel comfortable waiting around. Also, there is no through street, so it is VERY difficult to turn your car around.

If you go, you should park by the new development which you pass on the way there and walk the rest of the way even though it's a long walk. I don't see how two cars can get through on that road. You reach a point where there is a big dirt mound and only bikers and walkers can go further. I'm guessing this is the right road. This is what you'll see if you follow Sheep Island road the whole way straight until you can't go further.

Good luck to all of the brave souls who go there at night! Sheep Island road runs behind the new Best Buy and Target, you can also get there by driving down the road that goes past all of the hotels, I believe this is Holiday drive. It used to be a big-time 4x4 road before things started to get over developed in that area.

Before the Interstate was built it when all the way to , the dirt road on the other side of the Interstate is still there, and I have heard that there are plans to build an overpass and open up that side to development. OK, I am waiting for a report.

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Okay, just got back and yes, I'm a believer! I was more fascinated than scared. It was mostly an amber color, and seemed as if it was a lantern held by "someone" walking. It gradually came closer, but never came close enough to be "scary". My son and I walked up as far as we could to the second mound, but was a trench beyond that. He was the first to walk closer on his own, but then ran back to us insisting someone said "stop" in a low voice.??

Summerville Ghost Busters

I want to go back during the day to see if I can get around the trench and go further toward where the light was. When we got there, we waited in the car for about 10 minutes before it appeared; however, while we waited, a police car pulled up to see what we were doing I felt kinda silly with the explanation, especially since the first policeman had no clue what I was talking about. When the other walked up, he knew about it.

They said 'crackheads' come back there, so they patrol it I think knowing that goes on was scarier than the potential 'ghost'! The light would disappear and we'd wait for it to show again, hoping it would come close, but never did. The last 30 minutes was with no light I tried to get pictures, but I don't think the light showed up. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Berkeley County is also rich in history, spirits and legends.

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Built around , this plantation house is considered one of the most haunted places in the county. Now owned and operated by Santee Cooper, a number of Native American burial mounds have been located on the property. Guests and employees have reported seeing a ghost girl and other spirits in the house.

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Others also say lights turn on by themselves and objects fall off the walls without any good explanation. According to legend, the chapel is haunted by the ghost of Catherine Chicken who was chained to a tombstone there by her French schoolmaster.

Summerville, South Carolina

The church was built in and is the only remaining structure from the Childsbury settlement. This secluded dirt road is located off of Highway 45 in the small community of Alvin. Witnesses have reported seeing two glowing lights floating along this old path at random times of the night without any logical explanation.

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In , investigators say Harry Duffy shot and killed ex-wife and stepson before dumping their bodies down Mill Race Road. It was a hunter who eventually discovered their bodies. According to local lore, the spirit of Mary Hyrne haunts this building where she once lived. She appears as a little lady in a period black dress with a white cap.

Source: HauntedPlaces. The Summerville Light on Sheep Island Road is believed to be the ghost of a woman who lived there over years ago. Legend has it that she met her husband at the train after work every night, with a lantern to guide them home. The light is a green glow, some say basketball sized, that hovers over the road. It may start out small and far away. Built in , the house was once used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers wounded during the Civil War. Some people have reported that the door of the house will often open and close on their own, and heavy boots steps believed to be that of Union soldiers can still be heard echoing up and down the stairs.