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Publisher: Bookbaby Page Turner Publishing. For more information, click here. Synopsis "Want to be respected? Spend BIG money? Shop till you drop? Feel like you're better than everybody else Marry a Beverly Hills Doctor! As manager of her husband's office, Jennie Louise Frankel noted the miracles and mistakes, amorous adventures, triumphant accomplishments and greed of doctors around her. Her lavish and extravagant lifestyle, was funded by insurance companies, drug conglomerates and willing patients seeking answers from doctors whose sometimes less than altruistic motives influenced their patients' care.

Janet still feels uneasy about the paper's sleazy material. Steve expresses remorse about their objectionable treatment of women; he allows a support group for victims of sexual abuse to meet in the offices. Source: [1]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Beverly Hills, season 9 DVD cover. Retrieved May 24, Beverly Hills, The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story. Models Inc. Categories : American television seasons American television seasons Beverly Hills, seasons. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from February Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DVD cover. List of Beverly Hills, episodes. Anson Williams. John Eisendrath. Brandon and Kelly sleep together the night of the aborted wedding.

Brandon considers their night together a mistake, while Kelly realizes that she wishes they had married after all. A lonely Brandon goes to Kelly's apartment in search of comfort and ends up staying the night. He then rejects Kelly's suggestion that they go on their honeymoon, and declares that he wants to move on. After her HIV test comes back negative, Valerie annoys everyone with her new policy of brutal honesty.

David takes her cue and issues an ultimatum to his boss, who cuts him loose. David suspects that Val is pushing everyone away to punish herself for some reason. Valerie makes a stunning confession about her father's death. He did not commit suicide; she murdered him. Donna goes against Noah's wishes by accepting an invitation to have dinner with his parents on Mr.

Hunter's birthday.

Dr. Naima Lett

The evening proves to be a disaster, just as Noah had predicted. His father later visits the club and reveals that his company has gone bankrupt and the entire family is broke. A con artist named Sophie Burns befriends Steve, who gives her his room. She claims to be a graduate student at C. In spite of Steve's generosity, she decides to make a move on David. Tata does not appear in this episode. Joe E. Tata and Jason Priestley do not appear in this episode.

Tyler Bensinger. Lenny receives joint custody of his daughter. After he explodes in a rage during his first visit, Kelly decides to help Leah and her daughter skip town and assume a new identity. Lenny follows them, realizes what they are planning, and attacks Leah. Matt, bothered by a guilty conscience, helps Leah obtain the necessary identification to start her new life.

Valerie elects to throw a massive rave as a farewell party before turning herself in to the police. David calls Abby to inform her of Val's plans, and she intercepts her daughter at the police station. She pleads with Val not to confess and offers forgiveness, insisting that she is to blame for not intervening on Valerie's behalf.

Unable to communicate with Noah, Donna begins dating Matt. She hurts Matt's feelings by ignoring him during Val's party to tend to the inebriated Noah. Noah breaks a promise to Donna by skipping a court-mandated AA meeting and continuing to drink. Sophie tries her hand at waitressing after a disastrous photo shoot. A rich, handsome stranger recognizes her from the billboard and asks her to join him in Paris.

She tells David that she has won a movie role, but he later discovers the truth. Steve and Janet struggle to keep the paper going in the aftermath of Brandon's departure. Steve decides to turn the Beat into a tabloid. While investigating a "haunted house," Steve and Janet get locked inside a refrigerator and have sex.

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They deny that the encounter was meaningful. Gretchen J. This is the first appearance of Vanessa Marcil , as Gina Kincaid. Luke Perry returns in this episode, as Dylan McKay. Yvonne Teasley make an appearance in this episode. Gabrielle Beaumont. After Kelly's grandfather nearly dies of pneumonia, she reluctantly gives the doctors permission to hook him up to a ventilator.

Jackie and Kelly realize that the machines are taking away Ed's dignity without improving his condition. They decide to bring him home to spend his remaining time with his family. Kelly grows angry with Matt when he takes a case defending a tobacco company. He drops the case and quits smoking to impress Kelly, but she kisses Dylan. Donna agrees to let a troubled fifteen-year-old girl buy a dress on layaway. The girl's fellow gang members convince her to slice up the dress and return it as damaged goods. Sonia later apologizes and offers to work off her debt at the store.

Dylan takes his bullet-riddled Porsche out of storage. He impresses Gina by coming to her defense when a drunk harasses her at the club. Dylan catches the guy and his friends vandalizing the Porsche; he gets a knife away from one of them and threatens to kill him. Dylan suffers nightmares about Toni and decides to sell the car. He burns the money he receives from the sale, then buys heroin in an alley. The network fires Samantha from her new show after she admits that she is gay. Samantha fears that Steve is ashamed of her.

He buys her a hollow statue so that he can smuggle drugs back into the U. Kelly rejects Dylan and decides to focus on her relationship with Matt. Dylan promptly takes Gina to Mexico, and again smuggles heroin in a statue. When the statue ends up locked inside the boutique after hours, Dylan seduces Gina to get it back.

Sonia and her boyfriend spend the night at Donna's store. One of Sonia's friends pulls a knife on her and warns her to stay away from her man. The store is robbed, and everyone believes that Sonia committed the crime to acquire enough money to escape the gang. She later reveals that she endured a beating to keep her friends from robbing the store, and a security guard actually committed the crime. Sonia thanks Donna for helping her get out of the gang. He tries to keep his costs down by sponsoring Muntz and his wife, only to find that they have been working with a personal trainer.

The couple wins the contest, but The Beat ends up making money when Steve's generosity attracts new advertisers. Noah accosts Gina for getting Donna the wrong birthday cake. Gina explodes in anger and reveals her bitterness about living in Donna's shadow. Gina finds heroin in Dylan's jacket. He throws out his stash to prove himself, but continues to get high. Dylan tries to visit Toni's grave, only to find that it has been moved.

The real reason Mary Ingalls went blind

He buys a gun and heads for Marchette's house in the hopes of learning the new location. Dylan flees empty-handed from the house, but ends up getting arrested after the couple calls the police. Meanwhile, Kelly balks at sleeping with Matt. She helps out with David's radio show and advises listeners to take relationships slowly. She promptly spends the night with Matt.

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  • Steve puts on a seminar offering techniques on how to pick up women. His students express dissatisfaction at their results, but David scores with a line about a dead grandmother. Gina stirs up trouble between Donna and her mother. Roy Campanella II. Dylan storms into the Marchette mansion and holds an elderly couple at gunpoint.

    They tell him that they purchased the house from Anthony Marchette's estate; he committed suicide a few weeks after Toni's death. Gina pushes Dylan away when he continues to use heroin. The cops pull him over on suspicion of breaking and entering, and find drugs and a gun on his bike. He calls Gina from jail and begs her to bring him drugs, as he cannot handle withdrawal. Steve's students demand a refund and take him to small-claims court. The case is heard on the television show Judge Mary. Although Steve loses, he believes that the publicity will help his business.

    David's new girlfriend dumps him after hearing him testify about using a pick-up line to seduce her. Donna and Noah house-sit for the Martins in order to gain some privacy. They invite their friends over for a barbecue. Matt brings Dylan to the party and suggests that he admit his drug problem to everyone. Gina reluctantly gives Dylan heroin, then stalks off when he ignores her.

    Dylan accidentally collides with Donna, who hits her head and tumbles into the pool. Donna is not seriously injured, and forgives Dylan for the accident. Dylan's friends encourage him to check into rehab. Kelly acts very pushy and suggests that Gina and Matt are responsible for Dylan's problems. Dylan sneaks out the bathroom window and attempts to go through withdrawal on his own. Kelly finds him lying on her doorstep and takes him to the hospital. Matt cuts a deal with the district attorney to keep Dylan out of jail, but isn't sure that he deserves another chance.

    Dylan goes into cardiac arrest and has to be revived through a defibrillator.

    2. She Met Jose at a Hooters Where She Once Worked & They Have 1 Daughter Together

    Kelly realizes that she must back off and learn to respect Gina's relationship with Dylan. Matt receives a surprising call from a woman in New York. Donna designs a gown for a famous singer to wear to a nationally televised awards show. She fears that she is ruined when the woman looks like a wreck with uncombed hair and garish accessories. However, the teenagers who emulate the singer soon flock to Donna's store. Steve gets into hot water with Janet after he accidentally lets her purebred dog mate with a mutt.

    Matt flies to New York to visit Lauren, who has spent the past three years in a mental institution. She returns to Los Angeles with Matt, but he is reluctant to introduce her to Kelly.

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    David and Gina see the couple kissing on the street. Kelly angrily breaks up with Matt, then decides that she will fight for him. In accordance with Adams and Lin, Spangler takes any criticism of her privileged lifestyle with a grain of salt. Read Next. Can CrossFit kill you? This story has been shared 52, times. This story has been shared 42, times. This story has been shared 37, times. Learn More.

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