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Maybe an autotune that has been allowed to go wild, or a looper that stutters almost randomly? Glitching was invented by Eventide. Or rather, its iconic H Harmonizer, the first electronic pitch changer built in the s, introduced glitching as a, well, as a glitch. They come with presets, and are as easy to use as the versions in the Eventide H9 pedal, or the desktop plugins.

If you already know about Eventide, then you probably already bought these plugins. If not, go take a look. The best travel, friend-making, and hex editor?! Illuminate your life with LED smart bulbs [Deals]. Master all of Adobe Creative Cloud with 12 comprehensive courses [Deals]. This is a very versatile reverse reverb. The Gravity and Inverse Gravity modes adjust the decay response of a gargantuan ambience. The Size increases the depth to cosmic proportions.

A Feedback parameter lets it trail into infinity. Those are some of my personal favorite reverbs that Space has to offer, but there are some other gems in here. The Room is particularly nice, simulating the indispensable qualities of a guitar being played in a small to medium sized acoustic space.

Best Reverb for Synths

MangledVerb adds distortion to reverb for some cool gritty textures. The TremoloVerb adds aggressive tremolo modulation to chop up your trails and includes several waveform options.

ModEchoVerb adds echo with modulation for a killer multi-effect gotta try the flange mode! DualVerb combines two reverbs in one algorithm for complex reverb sounds; ou can activate a Freeze on either or both reverbs for huge layering possibilities. Many reverb pedals are severely lacking in this area.

She Loves Me - MAY - Eventide Theatre Company

There are several noteworthy options that make Space a reverb well-suited for live performance. There are two operating modes for live performance: Play and Preset Mode. Preset Mode lets you use the foot-switches to select and recall presets. The Tap function lets you tap in a tempo and generally works with the Delay to create custom offset reverb for rhythmic placement.

The HotSwitch lets you instantly recall a second set of parameter values for creative reverb adjustment on the fly. This is particularly useful for creating sudden Freeze effects or changing from a mild to more intense reverb sound.

Graham Hodgson

You can easily select between Play and Preset Mode by simply pressing and holding the right foot-switch for a moment. If you need more live flexibility, there are still more options to dive into.

The Aux Switch jack lets you plug in up to 3 momentary foot-switches for taking control of various functions. Then crank the Global Mix parameter and use the mixer or DAW to set how much reverb from Space is blended in with your audio material.

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So are there any distinct reasons to go with Space over the H9? There are a few noteworthy advantages, the most important of which is the tactile control the Space stompbox offers without needing an external app. In that regard, the Space and other Factor series pedals offer a quicker, more intuitive approach to sound design. Also, if you primarily need just reverb sounds, the Space will more than cover that sole duty.

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Considering that the H9 holds its own against other reverb pedals available today, it needs to be understood that the Space is right up there with it and may even be a better option if you just need reverb sounds and will appreciate quick access to the extensive parameters available. The vast array of knob parameters give it a depth and ease of use that eclipses other multi-algorithm reverb pedals.

The vibrant and clearly visible 12 digit screen makes navigating and creating presets very intuitive.

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  • By any other name, would this new modulated delay sound as sweet?.

Either way, Space stands as reverb pedal that every guitarist should experience, and the quality of its sounds warrant no less than a perfect score. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Review of: Eventide Space.


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